The most profitable, but risky strategy binary options trading attracts newcomers

Due to its simplicity, the Martingale strategy (a strategy to increase rates at a loss) attracts a lot of newcomers to the online trading of binary options market as a simple stock market, but in its essence, a kind of exchange betting. It's like playing roulette in the "red" - "black ."

What could be simpler: lost - to place a bet more to win back the loss and claim the prize. You will not do you play all the time !? And to think too much is not necessary, where to put ... It is for this reason, most trading platforms are now places restrictions on the rates from $ 1 to $ 20,000 minimum bid. ( Test for free: 
https://iqoption.com/promo/60-seconds-trading_en )

In 99 % of cases , this strategy really helps to consistently get paid. But we must remember that 1 % of the risk - this is also the risk of...

In any case , it is better not binary options to trade according to the principle in the casino game .

Good idea to study the market and simple trading strategy , at least , even when using this strategy recommend to test trading strategies on training ( free demo account trading platforms in the world on the popular IQ option or popular in Russia Alpari.ru/ru/trading/binary_options/ where you can work out and try his hand at stock trading in binary options.

Recall that everything seems to be just in the binary options . It is necessary to guess the rise or decrease of the ruble quotes (or gold, oil , etc.) True to the forecast increase your bid ( investment ) almost in 2 times . Guess you need it driving dynamics of quotations . Guess the amount of boost or reduction of quotations is not necessary.

                             Martingale Strategy + ability to stop in time

1. Set a goal , how much you want to earn on a daily basis . For example, you decide to earn $ 200 a day.

2. Enter the account that adequate earning money. For example, $ 500 . Align the adequate rate . For example, $ 50 .

3. Select the type of forecast (eg the dynamics of quotations of oil , the dollar and the ruble ) . Think well and look for the dynamics of quotations . Take a few bets.

4. If you just LUCKY

Once left at + $ 200 - stop and remove the prize. Remember that kills people just excitement and greed. Do not play more until the next day.

5. If the game did not go

Do not be afraid to go into a small minus. For the goal of return on the day of $ 200 - to go into minus $ 300-400 - completely. If you're out of luck - do not let a large drawdown of the deposit. Do not just recoup. Put the game until the next day. Regularly learn new trading strategies. Step recording and working with binary options 

Take a look now how it works:

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