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The best Jobs: 1 hour per day in exchange for $ 10.000- $ 20,000 / month

Hello dear visitors!
Before i start my blog, I want to tell you that this kind of earning:

  • this is NOT a scam;
  • it is NOT a casino;
  • it is NOT a pyramid scheme;
  • You will not have to pay anything to get the system of earnings


 I'm not ready to propose a scheme for earnings of millions of dollars from the first day. I offer absolutely legal earnings on which you can earn $600-700 per day at least!


  • It is available for everybody and do not need to have any knowledge and skills;
  • It's legal earnings;
  • It is a stable earnings of $600-700 per day

So, let's get acquainted! My name is Iryna Urazova, I am 32 years old. I'm married, I have a 5 year old daughter.The last 7 years, I have held the position of chief accountant in the finance company. But my salary does not suit me, and I started to look a year ago for additional types of earnings and found an interesting topic about earnings in the Internet.


Currently, my monthly income is $ 18000-20000 per month, despite the fact that I paid to work no more than 2 hours a day!


See the screen of my conclusions money:




coolYou must immediately raised the question: why I am sharing with people this way of earnings, thus creating competition if I can make myself? What are my benefits?Immediately answer - my benefit here is! It lies in the fact that I'll get a percentage of your profits. That is beneficial to me everyone earns as much as possible, because of this will also depend on my extra income!


Earnings on binary options trading is guaranteed $ 600-700 per day. Absolutely legal earnings on the Internet.I share the secret of success...

Dear visitor, offer you a serious and stable earnings in trading binary options platform iqoption, which I have been using. As I have already told you, now my monthly income averages $ 18000-20000 per month despite the fact that I paid to work no more than 2 hours a day. Do not be afraid of these terms, if you do not know, nothing complicated about it, all the work is done on the trading platform, which is iqoption, and the system works absolutely simple and clear even a schoolboy, so even if you do not have knowledge in finance, nothing wrong with that.


So, we explain the concept of what binary options:


Binary options - it is a forecast of exchange rate price of an asset (eg rate EUR / USD). If you assume for example that the rate of asset price will be 30 minutes before the course, which is currently in effect, and your forecast will be correct, you will receive a 70-90% return on investment. It should be noted that the yield does not depend on the final price difference in points, and directly related to the change in direction of the price movement on the trading instrument (asset); time interval can select any from 1 minute to several days. If your prediction will be wrong, you lose the bet. I can confidently say that the binary options - it's real earnings in the Internet, a profitable investment, the opportunity to earn extra income, but for someone - and excellent basic income.


Where to start?

  • Register on the trading platform.

I use trading platform iqoption, I personally like the ease of use of this platform, as well as operational Withdrawal Support. In order to register on the trading platform, you need to go to the official website iqoption, select "Open Account" and fill in all required fields.




  • Deposit with the bonus.

To make a deposit, go to the personal cabinet (click on the words "Personal cabinet" on the left side of the screen) and then select the item on the left "Deposit", where we choose a system with which we want to make a deposit, indicate the amount. In addition, the platform can get a bonus of 80-100% of the deposit through your bonus funds, which can make the deal will increase when recharging, respectively, increases the possibility of earnings.


It is recommended to pay an amount to deposit at least $ 1000-2000, so you can increase the bet!



And now the most important thing - a strategy!




  • Trading on my strategy (combined strategy)

I call this strategy combined. For all time earnings on binary options I have tried a variety of strategies, and stopped it is on this, according to this strategy, and I earn now. The essence of this strategy to trade binary options is to use a signal platform, based on data from financial experts with a doubling in the case of failure prediction and negative closing of the sales transaction. For trade I always use the option for 60 seconds to get faster results and the possibility of transactions in general to trade faster. At full screenshot below shows a tool for trade. Open the chart of any currency pair (eg EUR / USD) and below, click on the arrow up to open information about how to put that other traders.



Beneath the graph has information about what to put other people, and we see 90% of people put on what is needed to make a deal to increase, so we make for example a $ 100 bet on "Call". In case of a positive closing of the transaction, we get $ 180, that is 80% of net profit.At the bottom of the new rates are shown every 3-4 seconds. Therefore it is better wait 3 equal bets on "Call" or 3 identical to the "PUT" and in the same place.




The following image we see that right now 4 people have set for a fall, and we see that the graph is really starting to fall, so we put in the same way as they are. We put $ 100 and after 60 seconds we get $ 180


Ставка 2


But it so happens that we have not guessed, and lost the bet. For example, the first bet was $ 100. Do not worry, I have already said that the method is combined and in that case we come to the aid of a simple method raises. That is again waiting for 3 consecutive bets on CALL or PUT, and do the same, and just increase the rate and scale of rates we choose the following amount, that is already put $ 200 in the case of positive transaction we get 360 dollars, that is 80% net profit. Therefore, in the case of injury, simply increasing the rate of 2 times as long as not win, then start again from the initial rate.Usually after 1-2 doublings I always win.
To lower the risk, you can make your first bet with a 10 or 30 dollars to more time could increase the rate.



So you never lose and will only earn $ 600-700 a day at least.


  • Withdrawal

In order to pick up your money to your bank card or WebMoney or other monetary system need to go to "Personal Cabinet" and click "Withdrawal"



  • Why do I share my FREE way?

The answer is simple. I'm interested in the profits raised my people in the trade area, as it came to me from your surcharge% certain the more you earn, the more I am.


Do not waste your time! Start earning today!

Registration in IqOption ->  Entrance

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